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"Do small things with great love."

At Mother Teresa we understand that we are part of the wider mission of the Catholic Church. We are part of Holy Spirit Parish under the leadership of Father Mark Croker. We accept families from faith backgrounds other that Catholic with the understanding that the families support the ethos of the school.

At Mother Teresa we enrol families not individual children. We believe in the importance of families and the role they play in the development of children.  The staff at Mother Teresa work to support families and view their role as a partnership with parents.  Parents are always welcome at Mother Teresa.

At Mother Teresa we believe all children have the right to feel safe and happy and have a responsibility to keep others from being unsafe or doing things to make others feel unhappy.  Bullying has no place in our school.

The staff at Mother Teresa work to provide the best educational outcomes for all students and support children at both ends of the educational spectrum.

The preschool at Mother Teresa will provide high quality education for 4 year old children and establish clear routines and practices for entry into Kindergarten.


Vision and Mission Statement

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