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The School canteen will be closed untill further notice.

Subway Lunch Orders are happening every Thursday and Friday in Term 4 .  You can download the order form here and attach it to the front of an envelope.

A reminder that:-


  • 1.  Lunch order cost is $6.50 flat fee
  • 2.  Please ensure correct money is in the envelope as no change will be given
  • 3   Please do not share family envelopes/money - these will be returned to you
  • 4.  Separate envelopes for each day you are ordering
  • 5.  Please tick the day of order (at the top of the envelope)
  • 6.  Only the options on the envelope are available - no other fillings
  • 7.  Please ensure student name & class is filled out on the envelope

8.  Lunch orders for both Thursday and Friday are due in to school no later than Wednesday morning at 9.30am.

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