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Technology Integration


Technology is an integral part of school life at Mother Teresa School from ELC through to Year 6.


In Years 5 and 6 teaching and learning involves a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) iPad program. Students bring an iPad from home to assist them with their learning each day. 

Please see the link outlining Device Requirements.

If you are considering purchasing an iPad we are now offering an additional purchasing option, directly through Apple to assist families (click the Apple Store Canberra link below). You can also still visit an Apple store if you wish. Please mention the school BYOD program when purchasing. Finance options are available for purchases from an Apple store or online. 

Please click here to view Apple Store Canberra's purchasing offer


You will find other information relevant to BYOD below:


BYOD Guide and FAQ (Coming soon)

BYOD Policy

Student ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

Personal Electronic Device Acceptable Use Agreement - Being reviewed

iPad Rules and Responsibilities - Being reviewed

AirWatch information - This will be organised by the school and information will follow in 2017.







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