Mother Teresa School Staff 2016

Principal: Peter Hughes

Assistant Principal: Craig Hart 

Religious Education Co-Ordinator: Anne Leet

Blue Whales: Hazel Haydon (Mon – Wed) and Katie Lewis (Thurs and Fri) with Rita Swaby

Green Turtles: Jo Bird

Purple Starfish: Bronwyn Newth with Terri Rodda

Red Jellyfish: Shannon Wood

Yellow Seahorses: Janene Sadler

Kinder Crimson:  Maria Radic (Odd Mon, Tues & Wed. Even Mon & Tues)

Anna  Williams (Odd Thurs & Fri. Even Wed, Thurs & Fri)

Kinder Ruby:  Louise Corcoran and Anne Leet (Even Wed)

Kinder Rose:  Liana White (Mon-Thurs) and Anne Leet (Fri)

Kinder Scarlet: Kate Higgins and Anne Leet (Odd Wed)

1 Amber: Angela Connolly

1 Coral: Jodie Tanchevski 

1 Ochre: Megan Fraser 

1 Topaz: Gemma Francis and Kimberly Samanes

2 Emerald: Sarah MacArthur and Sarah Campbell

2 Jade: Chris Beerworth and Penny Brown 

2 Lime: Carly Cusack and Anne Leet

2 Mint: Kari Sharp

3 Aqua: Colleen Donnelly

3 Cobalt: Brooke Jeffries and Sarah Campbell

3 Sapphire:  Stacey Walters

3 Turquoise: Carly Snowdon

4 Amethyst: Hayley Shelley

4 Indigo: Brendan Roweth

4 Magenta: Brendon Pye and Craig Hart

4 Violet: Justine Watt

5 Ivory: Wendy Ceccato

5 Pearl: Kelly Boyton and Craig Hart

5 Platinum: Greg Williams

6 Ebony: Kate Dooley

6 Onyx: Matthew Smith

Music: Susan Curbishley

Arts: Sarah Campbell

Indonesian:  Maryanne Hawes 

School Supporr Team:  Donna Betts, Gayle Jeffries, Sue McCluskey