Intensive English Program

EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect)

Specialist English support is available for students who are learning English as a second or additional language. Following an assessment eligible students will be supported to be able to successfully access and engage with the Australian curriculum.

The aim of the program is to assist non English speaking students with their transition to a new language and culture and to help those who already have some English to develop English language proficiency and fluency.

Our program supports students through co-planning with classroom teachers, as well as working with students individually and in small groups to meet specific English language needs. The program will develop oral and written English language skills. It will cover aspects of the curriculum, supporting what's taught in class and giving the students the vocabulary and skills to successfully achieve.

The EAL/D teacher also works with parents to assist them in understanding the learning process and class program arrangements. Translators are available on request, as are translations of schools letters and documents. Parents are actively encouraged to participate in school life, to be involved in cultural days and to share their culture with us at Mother Teresa School.

Below is a wonderful website for students 5-12 years of age.