Sounds Write (For parents)

'Help your child to read and write' is an online course in two parts - and the first part is free! It's aimed specifically at parents and carers who are interested in putting their children on the first steps to literacy.


Math Playground

Initial Code by Sounds-Write Ltd Full Version $7.99 (Limited free version also available).  This app supplements the Sounds-Write phonics program taught in Kindergarten classrooms.


Friends of Ten by littlemonkeyapps $1.49

This app is suitable for students from Kindergarten to Year 2. It focusses on developing a child’s ability to combine numbers to make ten. This is an essential skill that if not mastered can lead to significant problems in older years. 

Mr Hughes’s Favourite!!!

The National Council For The Teachers of Mathematics has a wonderful resource where you can select activities that are age specific, link to what is being taught and can be done on both platforms.

The site is

ABC Education brings you curriculum-linked learning experiences for primary aged students.!/home




Primary Homework Help

Dr Paul Swan

Splash Learn

Go Noodle

Junk Craft activities provide a great way for you to combine common household items with recycled materials and objects from nature to create interesting craft items.

Shell Questacon Science Circus

Activities to  stimulate and challenge an exploration of Science and Technology.