Rhythm of the Day

Throughout the day children have opportunities for long periods of uninterrupted play. Our educators (Early Childhood Teachers (ECTs), Diploma and Certificate III staff) are highly skilled at teaching through play and joining in play to meet learning outcomes for individual and groups of children.

We offer an indoor/outdoor learning program that allows us to be responsive to individual and group learning.

Educators at preschool use contemporary early childhood pedagogy to guide their teaching and apply current research to support the strategies and techniques they use. We knowingly avoid teaching school-readiness in the traditional sense, instead we keep our focus on learning through play.

It is common to see educators interacting with small groups of children during play to promote language, literacy, and numeracy as well as supporting learning in social skills, emotional regulation and problem solving. Our methods are explicit, intentional, and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) that is underpinned by the broad themes of being, belonging and becoming.

The Catholic ethos are embedded in all aspects of preschool life and are presented through stories, role play and imaginative play. Throughout the day children can participate in prayer, reflection and meditation.

A typical day may start with a short morning meeting before having a ‘brain boost’ – usually some fruit or vegetables from your child’s lunchbox. The children engage in an indoor/outdoor program and are invited to a progressive lunch time. We encourage children to listen to their bodies and make decisions about when to have a break in their learning and when to eat. Like us, children are social beings and often see others eating and choose to join the social occasion. We gather for prayer before offering opportunities for your child to rest or engage in quiet activities. Indoor/Outdoor learning is offered again, and children may have some afternoon tea from their lunchbox. A final afternoon meeting may conclude the preschool session.

Through our focus on child-centred learning, risky and nature play, and going beyond the fence, we embed numeracy and literacy through all planned and spontaneous learning experiences.